Exhibition of architectural student projects for Bled

History of the future

9-25 August 2019


You are cordially invited to the student architectural exhibition

'HISTORY OF THE FUTURE - Case study Bled',

which will open on Friday, August 9th, 2019 at 6:00 pm

in the main lobby of the Bled Festival Hall.

The projects on display were created by architecture students

of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana.






Bled is a true learning example of building through history. Due to its exceptional natural features, it was always exposed to various external influences and ambitions. All political systems, rulers, politicians and wealthy people wanted to change it into their ‘playground’, eager to leave their mark. Today Bled is the sum of many collective and individual visions built on its banks, our mental picture of the place in constant discrepancy with the real image.


The vision proposed by the architecture students of Prof. Jurij Sadar’s design studio is limited to publicly owned areas, such as the Grajsko kopališče public lido, Pristava, Lake Promenade, Ljubljanska Road, the large car park near Prešernova Street, and the public spaces that are designed to host cultural activities and events. We believe that the cultural program is lacking in Bled and that it is a strategic tool that could revive and enrich the entire space. Students have proposed and designed projects that comply with the latest urban development guidelines, in particular the construction of the north and the newly envisaged south bypass roads. The latter is supposed to relieve the traffic-laden southern lake promenade, offering the possibility for the rehabilitation of landscape-sensitive lakeside banks.


Exhibition will be on display by August 25th, 2019.