Bled festival hall – congress centre

Situated on the lake shore and within easy walking distance of all major hotels, the centre seating 512 is ideally located for all types of top-level corporate and entertainment events.

The Festival Hall houses a variety of events:

  • congresses
  • concerts
  • theatre shows
  • exhibitions

History of the Bled festival hall

In 1959 Bled hosted the Candidates Tournament to determine the challenger for the World Chess Championship. Two years later, Bled was again presented with an opportunity to organise another major chess event.

At that time, the town had no hall suitable for the needs of a tournament of chess grandmasters. To this purpose, the Festival Hall was built in 1961 at one the of the most beautiful and prestigious locations along Lake Bled offering spectacular views of the only island in Slovenia and the mighty Bled Castle. Much of the credit for the construction of the hall belong to Mr Ernest Kapus of Bohinjska Bela.

The project was commissioned by the Municipality of Bled and designed by architect Ivo Špinčič from Ljubljana. With the event date drawing near, the hall had to be built in a very short time. A special self-supporting steel construction was placed on top of the foundations. Brick walls were only built to enclose the toilets section. The hall was wood-panelled and the entire outside frame was made of glass. Although in the summer the temperature in the hall was rather high despite good ceiling insulation and heating costs were very high during the winter, the hall was used as a venue for important events for a number of years. In 1962 the Festival Hall housed the First Festival of Slovenian Pop Songs and after that, many congresses, concerts, exhibitions and other, also sporting, events were held there. The hall, including the gallery, was able to seat 750 people.

Eventually, however, the original hall lost its battle with time. Before the 1989 World Rowing Championship, the hall had undergone a thorough renovation. A northern section was added and the stage was enlarged. The gallery was replaced by several small rooms.

Nineteen years after that (in 2008), the Main Hall was finally renovated, the works including parquet renovation, new seats and stage equipment.

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