Congress organisation in Bled has a long tradition and is an important part of the resort's tourist assets. The Bled Festival Hall has hosted scientific and professional congresses, corporate and economic meetings, political meetings and sporting events.

Why choose Bled as the conference venue

1. access
The Festival Hall is located in a peaceful setting along the shore of Lake Bled, within an easy walking distance of all major hotels. Getting around in Bled is easy and by organising your event in Bled, you can avoid traffic jams and exhausting city drive.

2. expertise and experience
Congress organisation in Bled prides itself on tradition, expertise and experience, making Bled a top-rated host. 

3. accommodation
Bled can accommodate 2,500 people in its hotels and guest houses and offers a wide choice of rooms and apartments in private houses. Bled hotels are of high standard, with comfortable and tastefully decorated rooms. Bled has a number of hotels that can accommodate a high number of participants in one building. The hotels are very close to each other. 

4. tourist attractions
The natural environment of Bled with the Julian Alps in the background is an ideal location for business meetings and other corporate events as the nature fills people with energy and creativity. The area is rich in incentive programme options. One of the main advantages of Bled is its good transport links (air, road and railway).

5. general importance of the town
Bled ranks among the most beautiful Alpine resorts, famous worldwide for its mild, healthy climate and thermal springs. It is a “one-stop-shop” resort. We, the people who live and work in Bled, are doing our best to preserve the values and characteristics of the region and promote local culture and cuisine as we wish to be able to share these riches with the guests and visitors of Bled.

For more information on congress organization in Bled please contact Albatros Bled, the leading Slovenian congress organizer

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