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Indradhanush, Indian rainbow

Contemporary dance performance by PAARA-DOX

Indo- contemporary dance company by Terence Lewis

Dance performance by PAARA-DOXAs the stunningly beautiful country of Slovenia gets set to celebrate, it is the pleasure and pride of PAARA-DOX to bring to you, from the very heart of Mumbai city, the colours of India.
As PAARA-DOX - (the International Performing unit of the 22 year, old much reputed TLCDC- Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company), comes to you from the heart of Mumbai city, it gets set to paint the Indian Rainbow in Slovenian skies with INDRADHANUSH - The Indian Rainbow.

INDRADHANUSH - Is a Hindi word meaning 'Rainbow'.  The piece unveils layer by layer the essence of the diversity- that is India. A Rainbow is rare, but when it appears, it adorns the skies like nothing else can. Thus India, like the Rainbow - seeks to bring to the world something rare, a unique blend of 7 Primary Elements that is the Indian trademark - Love, Sensuality, Mysticism, where we stay rooted in Culture and Tradition but branch out to encompass a Contemporary world, where it cradles rich Diversity, and wraps it all up in a splash of Colour and Vibrancy!

The performance brings alive on stage the Artistic Interpretation of these 7 elements - like the 7 colours of the Indradhanush (Rainbow) - each distinct yet beautifully woven together.

A hybrid piece, presents an interesting cross pollination of various Dance styles- from the Contemporary vocabulary that lends agility, flexibility and high physical skill, to glimpses of the graceful Indian classical form like Kathak,  to then bring on a full blast of one of the world's most Trending rages - Bollywood - where we see a true melting pot of global influences.

From the deep to the light hearted - there's a slice of India for everyone.  From Royal Blues and Greens, To Violet Bollywood Queens Experience the Red of passion The depth of the Indigo mind, Where bright Yellows and Orange of Fun and laughter combine, So Slovenia, wear your brightest color, you can't miss this show,

Come....Together let's paint the Indradhanush - the Indian Rainbow.

Mahrukh Dumasia, Creative Head & Chief Choreographer- PAARA-DOX/ TLCDC

The ticket price is 7 EUR. Buy ticket.

Meeting one of the RVT conditions (recovered-vaccinated-tested) is mandatory for admission in Bled congress centre.