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Code of conduct

When attending an event, please switch off your mobile phones any other devices emitting light or voice signals. Keep quiet during the concert. At a classical music concert, do not tap your fingers or hum the tune, but feel free to join in a modern music event, particularly if encouraged by the performers. Sign and clap along! We also advise adult discretion in bringing small children to classical music concerts, culture performances or late evening events.

In theatre shows, applause is normally given at the end of the performance. Out of respect for the performers, be moderate in your expression of approval or disapproval.

If an event is moderated, please follow the instructions of the moderator.

Video and photographs

Creating voice or video recordings or photographs is strictly prohibited at all events. Media have to obtain the consent of the event organizer.

Late arrivals

If you arrive late at an event and miss the start of the show, please follow the instructions of the staff and enter during applause between the first and second part of the performance, or wait until the intermission. In case of a film screening or one-act theatre play, you may only enter the hall during the first five minutes after the start of the screening or performance. In exceptional cases, subject to the organizer's request, entry will not be possible after the performance has started.

Lost & Found

If you have lost an item, you can collect them from the Bled Culture Institute Office within one month from the date of your visit. We assume no responsibility for the lost and found items.

Medical care

If you need medical assistance, please contact the staff of the Festival Hall.